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Colantotte bracelets and necklaces has proved to be a necessity for the sportsperson. It is a medically approved and certified health gear which helps in improving blood circulation and easing painful stiffness in neck, shoulders and hip. Unlike other magnetic devices which uses minimal magnetic field result in creating dead zones between the magnets, Colantotte uses an alternating North-South polarity orientation which results in enhancing the magnetic field flow without creating a dead zone.

Colantotte is approved and used by several famous golfers like Rory McIllroy, Rickie Fowler, Andy Sullivan and Charlie Hull as it focuses on the health and wellbeing of the players. The benefits of the Colantotte bracelets and necklaces are mentioned below:

  • It helps in reduction of back pain and muscles pain.
  • It helps in reducing stiffness around neck, shoulders and hip.
  • It helps in improving the mental concentration.
  • It helps in reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, and speeding injury recovery.
  • It helps in enhancing the quality of sleep.
  • It helps in relieving stress.
  • It helps in increasing flexibility and mobility.
  • It helps in improving athletic endurance and reducing fatigue.


In conclusion, Colantotte accessories are important not only for the sportsperson but everyone who has an active lifestyle or anyone who is willing to live a healthier lifestyle. Colantotte provides health focused products keeping fashion in mind.

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