Why Smart WellPutt Putting Mats ?


The Wellputt Mats are the ultimate putting tools that develop various putting training concepts in collaboration with the most renowned Coach Cameron McCormick (PGA Teacher of the Year 2015). As quoted by Cameron McCormick, “The Wellputt mats allow all golfers to progress quickly with an innovative concept”. The Wellputt Mats are also approved by several top golf coaches and golfers. The Wellputt Mats focuses on good aim with good speed.

Indoor Golf

As the entire world has been affected by the global pandemic “Corona Virus”, the main concern for the golfers is how to enhance their golf skills by staying indoors.

The best solution to enhance the golf skills staying indoors is by choosing the best indoor putting mats from Wellputt. Wellputt Mats helps to enhance the putting skills of the golfers by tracking their putting records on their Wellputt App. Wellputt App provides 50+ games, exercises and training instructions that help in improving the putting skills of the golfer.

Why Wellputt mats?

Wellputt mats have several features to enhance the putting skills which are explained below:

  • There are various alignment lines in the Wellputt mats to train accuracy.
  • Wellputt mats have different zones such as Good Putt Zone, Uphill Putt Zone and Downhill Putt Zone.
  • Wellputt mats help in improving the putting skills in a fun way.
  • Wellputt mats are a highly engaging and modern concept for practicing indoors.
  • Wellputt mat is approved by the most renowned Coach Cameron McCormick and is also used by several professional players.

The Wellputt App (iOS & Android) 

The Wellputt App has been developed for all devices (iOS & Android). It includes 50+ games, training instructions and exercises which are based on aiming and speed control. The Wellputt App provides 3 challenging courses that fit all levels of golfers. It is quite convenient to access Wellputt mat courses on the phone by maintaining the score and following the stats of the golfer. 

In conclusion, Wellputt mats help in enhancing the putting skills of the golfer by staying indoors. It also helps the golfer focus on the alignment to train accuracy and aim with good speed. 

We provide you with the five latest collection of the Wellputt mats which are:

  1. Wellputt First Golf Black Putting Mat 3m/10ft (https://golfedgeindia.com/product/wellputt-first-golf-putting-mat/)
  2. Wellputt Advanced Green Putting Mat 3m/10ft (https://golfedgeindia.com/product/wellputt-advanced-putting-mat/)
  3. Wellputt Advanced Green Putting Mat 4m/13ft (https://golfedgeindia.com/product/wellputt-advanced-green-putting-mat/)
  4. Wellputt Advanced Black Putting Mat 4m/13ft (https://golfedgeindia.com/product/wellputt-advanced-black-putting-mat/)
  5. Wellputt Advanced Putting Mat – The Open Series 4m/13ft (https://golfedgeindia.com/product/wellputt-advanced-putting-mat-the-open-series/)