Why is Custom Fitting important ?

Why is Custom Fitting important ? In India | golfedge  | India’s Favourite Online Golf Store  | golfedgeindia.com


It is very important to understand the concept of custom fitting and its importance to improve the golf swing and the overall game. There are few things to be considered when we think about custom fittings i.e. loft, lie angle, shaft flex, models, weight setting, distance gapping, grip selection, etc. Custom fitting is important for all level of players such as beginners, amateur and professional players.


Different level of players has their own understanding of the game, and it is important for them to select the correct clubs according to their game. There are 3 different level of golfers:

  • Beginners : Beginner golfers are those who is planning to play golf or has recently started playing golf. Custom fitting is important for beginner to understand the body and swing better. It also guides them with new skills and techniques that helps in improving the overall game.
  • Amateur : Amateur golfers are those who play golf in different competitions not as a profession or financial gain. Custom fitting is important for amateurs to eliminate poor shots and lower the percentage of miss hits.
  • Professional : Professional golfers are those who play golf for living. They earn money by teaching and playing golf. Custom fitting is important for professional to try out new and advanced technology and get full customization option like swing weight, head weight, balance, frequency of shaft, etc. according to their game.


There are different steps to be considered during the custom fitting of golf clubs:

  1. Determine correct shaft length: Shaft length is important to improve position and swing. The correct shaft length will help you achieve control and distance of ball shot.
  2. Perform simple lie board test: Lie angle helps to detect directional issues. With proper lie angle, the ball distance will be accurate.
  3. Get the loft checked: Along with the proper lie angle, loft is also important to improve the distance control. It helps in better club control and provides consistent distance in each iron.
  4. Get a proper head and shaft combination: Head and shaft combination is important to improve the swing of the driver and hit the ball longer and straighter.
  5. Get the wedge loft and bounce checked: Loft and loft gaps are important to maintain consistency in the game. The bounce of the wedge depends on the golf courses as well. For example: Golf course with soft sand prefers higher bounce wedges and golf course with firm fairways prefers lower bounce wedges.
  6. Get the lie angle, length and loft of the putter checked: The putter should match the swing of the player to maximize their potential and performance. Lie angle, loft and length of the putter plays a vital role in controlling the distance, improving speed control and maintaining consistency.
  7. Determine the correct grip size: The correct grip size provides the comfort, confidence and reduces tension and grip pressure. Wrong grip size might affect the swing, tempo and the overall performance of the player.

In conclusion, custom fitted clubs boost confidence in the players and help them to understand the game better. One can learn about different specification and influence of ball fight which will enhance their overall performance. It will also help player make a good investment as they will be selecting the clubs as per their swing and game.

For any custom related queries, kindly consult the certified fitter of golfedgeindia.com – Mr. Tanishq Julka.

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