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The Cobra LTDx Driver has been engineered for Longest Total Distance. It has used several advanced technologies to achieve zero CG to deliver high ball speed and low spin performance. It is well known for achieving higher MOI i.e. 5200 MOI along with lots of forgiveness to deliver the longest total distance.

Key Technology

  • PWR-COR Technology: It is a Power Core Technology which focuses on internal and external weights positioned closer to the face and back of the head to perfectly balance the maximum speed with reduced spin.
  • CNC Milled Infinity Face: Cobra has improved CNC Infinity face design. The matte black carbon crown and matte black leading-edge section of the driver enhances the ball speed and improves visual alignment by providing a traditional topline.
  • O.T Face Technology: H.O.T stands Highly Optimized Topology. Cobra have modified 15 individual points across the entire face to ensure maximum and consistent ball speed. Due to advanced technology and use of machine learning, they are trying to deliver greater speed and enhance the driver performance. 
  • Multi-Material Construction: There’s about 30% more carbon fiber within the sole and the crown of the driver. A new lighter and stronger titanium chassis along with lightweight carbon saves 8.3g weight which results to better performance and stability.


Cobra LTDx Driver has a very powerful feel and pleasing sound. It gives superior feel to the players and help them gain confidence in their game. It is a very forgiving and user-friendly driver which do not sacrifice on speed, power, forgiveness and launch conditions.

LTDx Models

  1. LTDx: It is the first driver which offers higher MOI (5200 MOI) with Zero CG positions. It has an oversize shape which contains 19gm weight positioned closer to the face 15gm weight in the back which delivers medium launch and high ball speed with relatively low spin. The standard LTDx driver includes the benefits of max model with the spin characteristics and speed of the LS model.

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  1. LTDx Max: As the name mentions, it provides maximum forgiveness. It is a very user-friendly driver. The heavier weights are on the back section which makes easier to launch and fine-tune the amount of draw bias required.

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  1. LTDx LS: LS stands for Low Spinning model. It has a traditional head shape which delivers low spin performance as heavier weights are placed closer to the face. It is going to be a powerful driver for players with fast swing speed. It delivers low spin performance with decent level of forgiveness and user friendliness.

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LTDx Max
















Cobra has launched the new driver with various improved and advanced technology to provide maximum forgiveness and low spin performance. The driver has three different models which are suitable for every player. Through various research and feedbacks, Cobra has finally come up with the Cobra LTDx Driver which provides high ball speed, low spin and extreme forgiveness resulting in achieving Longest Total Distance.

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